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v0.4.0 Student FAQs

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  1. I am having the Gitlab repository cloning problem. How do I resolve this problem?
    Ans: Try `git clone https://username@hostname/username/repo.git


  1. After submitting a evaluation request, the screen keeps showing "Evaluating" but does not return the results. What should I do?
    Ans: Please check your submitted code if it has any form of infinite loop situation and correct it. Try to run the code you wish to submit on the local machine before requesting an evaluation. If not, it might be due to the load on the server. Please be patient and do not submit multiple evaluation requests in a short duration. Let the lab assistants/administrator know if the problem persists for a long duration.

AutolabJS CLI

  1. Do you have a CLI tool to ease the submission process?
    Ans: Yes, there is. Please see the relevant help documentation for a way to install and use AutolabJS CLI.
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