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v0.5.0 Post lab self evaluation

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  1. Following all the steps given here requires availability of the compiler + interpreter of a chosen programming language.
  2. You are using Ubuntu 18.04 Operating System.

Self Evaluation
The steps for self-evaluation are as follows.

  1. Clone the code base.
    For the sake of illustration, let us assume that your username is 2012A7PS001G and you are interested in self-evaluation for "lab1".

     $export GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=1 
     $git clone
     $git clone 2017A7PS001G
  2. Copy your code to student_solution.

     $mkdir lab1/student_solution
     $cp 2017A7PS001G/* lab1/student_solution/
  3. Evaluate yourself.

    $bash language-key

    The languages and their keys are:
    C - c, C++ 2011 - cpp, C++ 2014 - cpp14, Java - java, Python2 - python2, Python3 - python3

  4. The output shall be saved in results/ directory. The results/scores.txt will contain the scores for that submission and results/logs.txt will contain the errors encountered during the compilation.

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