A Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of the Siren of Shame client
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This project provides an API for Universal Windows Platform projects to access a siren of shame device.

Project Structure

The Visual Studio solution consists of three components:

  • SirenOfShameUwpDeviceApi - the API for accessing a siren
  • SirenOfShame.HardwareTestGui - a sample project
  • \Build - the Nuget spec and packages

Getting Started

To create your own custom siren of shame device software:

  1. In Visual Studio Create new Universal Windows Platform project

  2. In Nuget Package Manager:

    Install-Package SirenOfShame.Device

  3. Add the following to the Package.appxmanifest:

      <DeviceCapability Name="humaninterfacedevice">
        <Device Id="vidpid:16D0 0646">
          <Function Type="usage:FF9C 0001"/>
  4. Instantiate a SirenOfShameDevice, subscribe to Connected, try turning on the led's like this:

public MainPage() {
  _sirenOfShameDevice = new SirenOfShameDevice();
  _sirenOfShameDevice.Connected += SirenOfShameDeviceOnConnected;

private async void SirenOfShameDeviceOnConnected(object sender, EventArgs eventArgs) {
  var manualControlData = new ManualControlData
      Led0 = (byte)255,
      Led1 = (byte)255,
      Led2 = (byte)255,
      Led3 = (byte)255,
      Led4 = (byte)255,
      Siren = false
  await _sirenOfShameDevice.ManualControl(manualControlData);

public void Dispose()
  1. For more details on how to use the API check out the SirenOfShame.HardwareTestGui project