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I NO LONG MAINTAIN THIS. Please follow Yvan's Fork


Garmr is a tool to inspect the responses from websites for basic security requirements.

Garmr includes a set of core test cases implemented in corechecks that are derived from the Secure Coding Guidelines that can be found at []


This version of Garmr :


usage: [-h] [-u TARGETS] [-m MODULES] [-f TARGET_FILES] [-p] [-d]

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -u TARGETS, --url TARGETS add a target to test -m MODULES, --module MODULES load a test suite -f TARGET_FILES, --file TARGET_FILES File with urls to test -p, --force-passive Force passives to be run for each active test -d, --dns Skip DNS resolution when registering a target.


  • Implement sequences (i.e. a series of ActiveTests that once invoked, maintains a cookie jar until the list of URLs is exhausted)
  • Implement a proper detailed reporter; currently a range of data is accumulated, but never reported.
  • Implement more checks