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0.7.1 / 2015-07-09

  • Adding option of using existing proxy port.
  • Allow use of a remote proxy server.
  • improved directions on running tests
  • fix broken test (test_new_page_defaults)

0.7.0 / 2015-06-05

  • Updating travis ci to use browsermob proxy 2.0
  • Support to use httpsProxy and httpProxy at proxy creation time
  • Adding Python 3 support
  • add sslProxy to Client.add_to_capabilities with tests
  • Correct docstring for wait_for_traffic_to_stop
  • Removing unused :Args: items
  • Updating docstrings
  • Correcting args and params for documentation
  • updated docstrings for easier formatting on things like RTDs
  • updated new_har() docstrings
  • updated client documentation
  • Added client and server docs
  • updating version in docs

0.6.0 / 2014-01-21

  • Added support for parameters in har creation
  • Bug fixes for tests that are out of date
  • Setup server constructor to look on path for location of browsermob-proxy executable. As well as looking for a file. Also added example code for using browsermob-proxy with chrome
  • Fix project name
  • adding docs

0.5.0 / 2013-05-23

  • Allow proxying of ssl requests with selenium.
  • Updating case for proxy type

0.4.0 / 2013-03-06

  • Allow setting basic authentication
  • Adding the ability to remap hosts which is available from BrowserMob Proxy Beta 7
  • Merge pull request #6 from lukeis/patch-2
  • Update
  • initial commit of event listener to auto do record
  • server.create_proxy is a function, should be called :)
  • forgot to add the port

0.2.0 / 2012-06-18

  • pep8 --ignore=E501
  • DELETE /proxy/:port/
  • /proxy/:port/limits
  • /proxy/:port/blacklist
  • /proxy/:port/whitelist
  • fixing /proxy/:port/har/pageRef
  • fixing /proxy/:port/har/pageRef
  • fixing passing in a page ref as the name for the page in /proxy/:port/har
  • tests around /proxy/:port/har and some cleanup of the implementation
  • make /proxy/:port/headers work
  • wrapping selenium_proxy with webdriver_proxy since the project is more than just webdriver
  • extending the client to play nice with remote webdriver instances
  • create_proxy sounds and feels like a method to me, let's make it so
  • ensure the self.process exist, to reduce possibilities of AttributeError
  • check the path before attempting to start the server
  • wait longer than 3 seconds for the server to come up

0.1.0 / 2012-03-22

  • Removed httplib2 in preference for requests
  • Added support for setting headers

0.0.1 / 2012-01-16

  • Initial version
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