A Selenium Grid Plugin that pings a server on the node
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Speedy Gonzales Proxy

This is a project to help make Mozilla Web QA Selenium Tests more reliable by sending messages to a on the node to move the mouse.

This plugin is run on the Selenium Grid Hub machine with:

    java -cp "speedy-gonzales-<version>.jar:selenium-server-standalone.jar" org.openqa.grid.selenium.GridLauncher -role hub

We then need to tell the Selenium Grid node to use Speedy Gonzales and we do this with

    java -cp "speedy-gonzales-<version>.jar:selenium-server-standalone.jar" -role node -hubHost
    localhost -proxy com.mozilla.seleniumgrid.SpeedyGonzalesProxy -servlets com.mozilla.seleniumgrid.MoveMouse

If we don't do the node item above it will NOT be used and will carry on as normal.