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Introduction to the AMLEngine

The AMLEngine allows you to interact with AutomationML documents programmatically from your own application. Using the API you interact with CAEX-Elements and AutomationML-Objects. This documentation is a full API-reference.

Getting Started

For a getting started guide see Getting started

Getting the source code

The source code of the AMLEngine is available for AutomationML members only. The current release can be obtained from the AutomationML Wiki. For compilation of the source code an Altova XMLSpy License is required. The basic model of the AMLEngine is generated directly from the CAEX Schema with the Altova Software.



  • Release Maintanance, Contributor: Josef Prinz
  • Contributor: Malte Pirsch
  • Contributor: Rainer Drath
  • Contributor: Christian Messinger
  • Contributor: Oliver Gramberg

See Also

Other Resources

Version History

  • Introduction
  • [Version History](Version history)
    • [Version 3.5](Version 3.4)
    • [Version 3.1](Version 3.0)
    • [Version 2.1](Version 2.1)
    • [Version 2.0](Version 2.0)
  • [Getting Started](Getting started)
  • Examples
  • AMLEngine API
BEST Practice Content


CAEX Elements





Objecttables and Document validation

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