SpatialOS integration for CryEngine 5
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CrySpatialOS ("crysos")

SpatialOS 12 integration for CRYENGINE 5.4

Directory Structure


sdk contains the C++ files to be included in your CRYENGINE project to integrate with SpatialOS.


tools contains the project ComponentGenerator, which is used to generate CRYENGINE Entity Components to mirror your SpatialOS components for use within CRYENGINE from C++ and/or Schematyc.


This is a simple third-person shooter game template produced using the integration.

Building The Example Project

  1. Ensure CryENGINE 5.4 or later and spatial are installed
  2. Run spatial worker build from the tps-example directory (which will build the game-worker)
  3. Generate the solution for tps-client by right-clicking Game.cryproject
  4. Build the solution in Visual Studio to provide the tps-client worker. (See below section for more information)
  5. Run spatial local launch from the tps-example directory
  6. Run GameWorker.exe 0 from the appropriate output directory (we arbitrarily give it worker ID 0)
  7. Run any number of clients by right-clicking Game.cryproject and selecting Run Game (or the exe generated from the Package Build option)

Building tps-client

tps-client should also be built in the Profile or Release build configuration - linking in the Debug configuration currently fails.