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Revert "Bail if we don't find a matching code"

This reverts commit d2d9b06.

Ended up causing issues on some VIP sites and the original problem this
was tackling ended up being a different problem altogether.
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commit 746f97e67552f596e1f435f6bbb949bc365db4b9 1 parent d2d9b06
Mohammad Jangda mjangda authored
Showing with 0 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +0 −3  ad-code-manager.php
3  ad-code-manager.php
@@ -848,9 +848,6 @@ function action_acm_tag( $tag_id, $echo = true ) {
$code_to_display = $this->get_matching_ad_code( $tag_id );
- if ( empty( $code_to_display ) )
- return;
// Run $url aganist a whitelist to make sure it's a safe URL
if ( !$this->validate_script_url( $code_to_display['url'] ) )

1 comment on commit 746f97e

Mohammad Jangda

I'm hazy on the specifics (happened 3 months ago) which is there isn't much detail here :(

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