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Two similar filters // may be needs refactoring #26

rinatkhaziev opened this Issue · 8 comments

3 participants

Rinat K Daniel Bachhuber Jeremy Felt
Rinat K

So we have acm_list_table_columns and acm_provider_columns. All the difference between them is that acm_list_table_columns return all table columns (e.g. id, name, priority, conditionals) and acm_provider_columns returns only ad network specific ones. May be we could use one filter and just skip service columns.

Daniel Bachhuber

Yep, I saw this as I was doing the final review and was somewhat confused as to the purpose of the second.

Rinat K

How about this?

If you have more elegant ideas I would be thrilled to hear 'em :)

Daniel Bachhuber

Bumping to v0.2.2

Rinat K

This is related to #34

Jeremy Felt jeremyfelt was assigned
Daniel Bachhuber

Bumping to v0.2.3

Jeremy Felt

Is it necessary to have anything other than acm_list_table_columns? acm_provider_columns was only used in the provider definitions before, and only one provider can be used at a time, so it seems that it kind of works itself out.

Unless I'm missing something completely, which is entirely possible. :)

Rinat K

Well, given the nature of ad providers and that one platform could have many flavors, we need the ability to filter ad_code_args and then reflect it in WP_List_table columns. It would be nice to have one filter taking care of it, this might need some love:

Make sense?

Daniel Bachhuber

I think my vote is to keep two filters, but have the values for 'acm_list_table_columns' based on 'acm_provider_columns' unless you explicitly decide to change which columns show. 'acm_provider_columns' could be better named though.

Rinat K rinatkhaziev closed this issue from a commit
Rinat K rinatkhaziev Closes #26: new configuration filter: acm_ad_code_args, readme update…
…s, make sure google-adsense conforms to new way
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