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Make sure that the first column after the checkbox in the table view displays row actions #51

rinatkhaziev opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Rinat K Jeremy Felt
Rinat K

If provider class doesn't have columns_{$custom_column} method, there will be no row actions presented. It would be nice to figure out default logic for the first column to display dem actions.

Rinat K

@danielbachhuber @jeremyfelt just discovered this.

Jeremy Felt jeremyfelt was assigned
Jeremy Felt

I'll take a stab at this soon.

Jeremy Felt jeremyfelt referenced this issue from a commit
Jeremy Felt jeremyfelt Track row actions output on each row to catch cases where custom outp…
…ut may not be added

When a provider class does not provide a method to output one of its registered columns, our list table should account for the possible lack of row actions.

This commit adds a tracking property for the display of row actions. If a column's output is not handled by the provider class and row actions have not yet been displayed, we handle output of the row actions. Once row actions have been output once, the flag is maintained throughout the row. When the row is complete, the flag is reset for the next.

One quirk - if a provider class handles the output for the first column, but does not handle row actions, and does not handle the output for the next column, row actions will be output in that second column. This feels a little weird, but I think gets us close enough.

Fixes #51
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