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Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. @josephscott
  2. @josephscott
  3. @josephscott
  4. @josephscott
  5. @johnjamesjacoby
  6. @johnjamesjacoby
  7. @josephscott
  8. @josephscott
  9. @danielbachhuber
  10. @danielbachhuber
  11. @josephscott

    Fix the second regex call on the month navigation.

    josephscott authored
    Because we do a previous regex we get back an array instead of a string,
    so use the first value from the array.
  12. @danielbachhuber
  13. @josephscott
  14. @danielbachhuber
  15. @danielbachhuber
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
  1. @danielbachhuber
  2. @danielbachhuber
  3. @danielbachhuber
  4. @danielbachhuber
  5. @danielbachhuber
  6. @danielbachhuber
  7. @danielbachhuber
  8. @danielbachhuber
  9. @danielbachhuber
  10. @danielbachhuber
  11. @josephscott

    More navigation link work:

    josephscott authored
     * reset to the infinite scroll page to 1 when using a date
     * hook up the month navigation links
     * call the infinite scroll refresh method directly
  12. @johnjamesjacoby
  13. @danielbachhuber

    Navigation: Use CSS instead of HTML for styling the active date, as t…

    danielbachhuber authored
    …his will need to be easily changed with JS
  14. @danielbachhuber

    Navigation: Include the timestamp in the post class so we can track w…

    danielbachhuber authored
    …hich posts are in the dom, and what their position is
  15. @danielbachhuber
  16. @josephscott
  17. @josephscott
  18. @danielbachhuber

    Navigation: Assign an active class when a navigation item is active, …

    danielbachhuber authored
    …and allow those classes to be filtered
  19. @josephscott
  20. @danielbachhuber
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