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Thanks for contributing to _s (Underscores) — you rock!

Submitting issues

Before submitting your issue, make sure it has not been discussed earlier. You can search for existing tickets here.

Here are some tips to consider and to help you write a great report:

  • _s supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, as well as the latest two versions of all other major browsers.
  • _s is backwards compatible with the two versions prior to the current stable version of WordPress.
  • _s uses HTML5 markup.
  • We decided not to include translations [#50] beyond the existing _s.pot file, a RTL stylesheet [#263], or editor styles [#225], as they are likely to change during development of an _s based theme.

Contributing code

Found a bug you can fix? Fantastic! Patches are always welcome. Here's a few tips for crafting a great pull request:

  • Include the purpose of your PR. Be explicit about the issue your PR solves.
  • Reference any existing issues that relate to your PR. This allows everyone to easily see all related discussions.
  • When submitting a change that affects CSS, please make sure that both SCSS sources and output CSS have been updated equally.

By contributing code to _s, you grant its use under the GNU General Public License v2 (or later).

If your issue is specific to the website, the GitHub repo is the right place for you.

The preferred method of generating a new theme based on _s is the website. If you have an alternative method, such as a shell script, write a blog post about it or host it in a separate repo -- and make sure to mention @underscoresme in your tweets!

Want to have your avatar listed as one of the _s contributors here? Just make sure you have an email address added to both GitHub and your local Git installation.