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Move <title> markup to functions.php #12

obenland opened this Issue Mar 22, 2012 · 4 comments

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From how I understand the WPTRT guideline on modifying the document title content, it would be best practice to filter 'wp_title' in functions.php and just have

<title><?php wp_title( /* optional params */ ); ?></title>

in header.php.

This would be a huge benefit for all SEO Plugins out there since they could easily modify the title and don't have to worry about stuff being added.

What do you say? :)


I've been waiting for to work itself out before moving on this but patches are welcome!


Hm, where would such a 'wp_title' filter function be placed best?
In tweak.php, since it tweaks the default behavior of the wp_title() function?
Or rather in functions.php itself, to make sure to always have a title?

What do you think?


Good question. I would probably put it in template-tags or functions.php

@ianstewart ianstewart closed this Mar 29, 2012

Has any progress or change been made on this? I submitted a theme to the repo and it was rejected because of the <title>. The reviewer mentioned the following - Themes are required to modify output via filter (wp_title/body_class/post_class)


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