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How do layouts work?

The layouts folder contains some styles that I assume gets applied when you pick a layout in the backend, but there's no documentation, and I see no reference to these styles (content-sidebar.css and sidebar-content.css) in the functions.php or any of the files in the inc folder.

I tried a bunch of Google searches, but "WordPress layouts", "layouts in WordPress", "theme layout WordPress" etc. return a bunch of results on theming in general, but nothing that talks about a layouts folder or files called content-sidebar.css or sidebar-content.css

Documentation or function references would be great 📖

What I'm looking for is just a couple of hints or links to documentation in the comments of those CSS files, so I know how to use them, expand on them and what my options are for creating my own custom layouts.

Really sorry if I'm just completely noobing around here, but I learned a lot of cool stuff browsing through the _s's theme and this is the only thing that leaves me puzzled.


It took some digging, but I found a tutorial that covers this:


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@bobbiejwilson : yep that tutorial is probably the best starting point.

@Ahrengot : no worries at all, glad you are diving into _s - you'll have to tweet out what you create with it.

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I had the same question and found this issue. The link seems to be saying simply copy the layout text from the approprirate file in layouts directory. There's really no way to select this from wordpress itself? I must be missing something, because if so why is there a wordpress defined 'layouts' directory? (sorry for the noob question)


There's really no way to select this from wordpress itself?

Nope. It's just there as a resource for you to copy-paste from when you're building a theme with _s as your start.

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