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Including a theme options demo #81

corvannoorloos opened this Issue Sep 16, 2012 · 3 comments

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Just thinking, since we have an example theme-options page, would it be an idea to also include some kind of demo file on how to actually use the (current) theme options?

(perhaps we could even output it after the content using the default WordPress sample page)

I know from experience -being a somewhat novice programmer/designer myself- this is where most people get actually stuck :)


@corvannoorloos could you explain what you're thinking in a little bit more detail? The current theme options page is used to only illustrate how a theme options page can be built, because otherwise people end up doing their own pages with markup and fuzzy screens, which the _s approach guides them towards using the awesome (though somewhat confusing for starters) Settings API.

mfields commented Oct 6, 2012

I think that it is a great idea but a bit out of scope for _s. I would not like to see it added because (as @kovshenin pointed out) the options in _s are intended for illustration purposes and any use of theme would result in more code that theme developers would need to remove before they got started on their project.


First of all, sorry for the absurdly late reply. I was indeed referring to something that's already added to custom-header.php.
But I agree with with both, this theme should mainly be a starter-theme. Not a complete codex.

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