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BUG? _s theme menu not displayed at all in Opera Mini #87

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I tested the unchanged _s theme and I love it. But on my cell with Opera Mini and then online in Opera's Opera Mini Simulator [ ] the top (main) menu is not displayed at all.

Then I deactivate the CSS by renaming the style.css and the menu finally shows up. I also checked the thematic and toolbox themes w/ the simulator and my cell. Both showed the menu. Any help is very well appreciated.


It gets hidden by default on smaller screens and becomes visible when menu text is clicked. This JS file is in action here -


Thanks Ashfame!

Now I see the problem. I changed the h1 headline ( In the header.php) to an h2 since I wanted only one h1 for better structure. But obviously the JS needed the h1 to work properly, because no "menu" became visible until I changed it back to a h1 headline again.

May I suggest it would be pretty useful, if the h1 tag actually is really a link and not just a headline. Admittedly I don't know if mobile users with a visual impairment and therefore using a screenreader can identify the h1 as a link?

Best regards.


I think that changing the h1 tag to an anchor would be inappropriate. In HTML 5 the nav element represents sectioning content and should contain heading content like an h1 tag.


I'm going to close this ticket as wontfix Please see the following conversation for a few more reasons why: #66 (comment)

@mfields mfields closed this
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