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mpeshev commented Dec 7, 2012

This is an open discussion, but I have semantic proposal for the wrapper div. Labeling it 'page' is ambiguous during both development and debugging as it implies that all views are page views. Since 'Page' is a term in the WordPress world, this might be a misinterpretation of a given scenario.

Historically wise, both twentyeleven and twentyten use this approach. The result is a body with class 'single' and some post-related classes and right below it a 'page' ID.

Whilst this is true, it certainly affects the process of debugging or even mistyping #page for .page somewhere in between. Using #container, #box or #wrapper is more general and imaginable, and don't forget that it was the preferred term for twentyten too ( )

mpeshev commented Dec 7, 2012

P.S. #page is never referenced in style.css, so no extra damage would be caused to styling for new themes.


I've come to like #page because we use _s to make web pages not web wrappers.


What about something like #page-wrap? That would be more descriptive of the purpose it serves.

mpeshev commented Dec 10, 2012

I wouldn't use in my daily work a sentence such as: "The page of my post" (instead of 'the single view for my post or something') or 'The page with the last 10 blog posts' (instead of 'my index page' or 'the list with the latest posts'), since 'Page' is a term describing a specific type of object in WordPress.

Wrapper, or container, or box, or whatever, however, is not a name of an existing object leading to confusions and ambiguity.

My 2¢ only.


If I were thinking of this from a WordPress-centric viewpoint, my thoughts would probably look something like the following:

  • I'm viewing a page right now.
  • I'm viewing a post right now.
  • I'm viewing the home page right now.
  • I'm viewing an archive page right now.
  • I'm viewing an error page right now.
  • You get the point.

When I browse the web casually, though, the only thought that ever pops into my head is:

  • I'm viewing a web page right now.

I'm voting to keep this as-is. Terms like wrapper, container, and box all sound very unnatural to me (this is subjective, to be sure). And I'd rather debug with the sentence "I'm fixing a page of stuff" in my head, regardless of whether or not WordPress is the platform being used to build that stuff.


WIth Philip's list above and, in the long run, this not affecting much I think we can close this one. Thanks for the input and ideas everyone.

@ianstewart ianstewart closed this Dec 17, 2012
mpeshev commented Dec 19, 2012

@ianstewart thanks for the remarks.

For the record, this commit is still valid for me - mpeshev@27c2064 - haven't had the chance to test it on IE though.

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