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codesardine added some commits Apr 29, 2013

@codesardine codesardine replace all php require to require_once f5a737e
@codesardine codesardine adding sidebar to the footer and changing disigner name 23c12d9
@codesardine codesardine adding prefixfree js file ab9a943
@codesardine codesardine adding theme widgets 1ad13dd
@codesardine codesardine removing sidebar for replacement sidebars 74cd0cf
@codesardine codesardine adding footer sidebar e12d96a
@codesardine codesardine adding left sidebar 4f4b6ab
@codesardine codesardine adding right sidebar 81c6184
@codesardine codesardine changing theme name, url and author 4edab78
@codesardine codesardine change index to accommodate left and right sidebars eaa3c00
@codesardine codesardine update add_theme_support 6b3b729
@codesardine codesardine update to support custom headers as a logo needs to be modified in th…
…e future and implemented in a diferent way
@codesardine codesardine added require for theme widgets, hooked prefixfree and (moderniz, dis…
…abled for now) js, custom header his active, modifing admin howdy msg and footer links, added header menu.
@codesardine codesardine Update README.md 9d519b6
@codesardine codesardine fix footer class 60b74e8
@codesardine codesardine main css fluid layout update 554f077
@codesardine codesardine theme name update d20b221
@codesardine codesardine Merge branch 'Maquina' of https://github.com/vmnlopes/Maquina into Ma…
@codesardine codesardine remove menu css3 styling a8a39b3
@codesardine codesardine update version to reflect my changes bd69035
@codesardine codesardine dont need rtl 056bf56
@codesardine codesardine code tidy up and add missing img tag 7da1b00
@codesardine codesardine add google analytics 4e7e4c2
@codesardine codesardine fix moderniz syntax eb1abc5
@codesardine codesardine add media queries for ie and chrome edge e741e2f
@codesardine codesardine empty lines clean up 97ed8e2
@codesardine codesardine media queries js baac7b7
@codesardine codesardine clean up testing code styles f0eb9bc
@codesardine codesardine functions rename and deleting extra menu 830bc77
@codesardine codesardine menu rename 8278092
@codesardine codesardine css submenus ajustment 8c971ed
@codesardine codesardine DOS and UNIX style line endings This causes a problem with SVN reposi…
…tories removing for now
@codesardine codesardine removing testing sylesheet f28c7c4
@codesardine codesardine delete unused functions 90d4b45
@codesardine codesardine organise source code for readability 8d14930
@codesardine codesardine add post trumbnails 9aa49ee
@codesardine codesardine tidy up styles 867d19d
@codesardine codesardine removed google analytics e2fcf74
@codesardine codesardine code clean up, added google analytics with a hook a33409a
@codesardine codesardine code clean up, added header widgets 440ecfc
@codesardine codesardine code clean up c741802
@codesardine codesardine rename package name 09f8fa5
@codesardine codesardine code clean up, added some missing widget css classes, added header wi…
@codesardine codesardine screenshot update b987272
@codesardine codesardine fixed wrong comments 6079885
@codesardine codesardine new header sidebar file 7df6307
@codesardine codesardine code clean up 6ddd992
@codesardine codesardine header css widgets added ffdca26
@codesardine codesardine general updates 91fea4c
@codesardine codesardine add footer credits 62b0b2c
@codesardine codesardine added some comments f5d740a
@codesardine codesardine added sidebars 3fbf823
@codesardine codesardine align footer credits, fix some css widgets and rename version. 38cbf2c
@codesardine codesardine commenting google analytics and custom header dd13cb8
@codesardine codesardine removing custom header ce8688d
@codesardine codesardine adding template tags version 1.0 ready 6bbdec3
@codesardine codesardine Update README.md 93a724c
@codesardine codesardine Update README.md 61a483a
@codesardine codesardine not needed for falls out to index 8b5ac72
@codesardine codesardine no changes d33568e
@codesardine codesardine comment correction, added humans.txt, added logo area 050ced3
@codesardine codesardine wierd keeps being updated with _s readme ea3eac5
@codesardine codesardine modified welcome msg, added logo to customizer ad1410a
@codesardine codesardine Merge branch 'master' of github.com:vmnlopes/Maquina c749cd5
@codesardine codesardine some modifcations to credits 8316718
@codesardine codesardine modifing analitycs and adding translation to logo 85caa80
@codesardine codesardine adding humans txt file ba5f650
@codesardine codesardine rmoving the content() tag de0bfc5
@codesardine codesardine minor corrections 33c1450
@codesardine codesardine correcting widgets css a8d4c29
@codesardine codesardine major code reduction in the widgets a8d4295
@codesardine codesardine logo modifications dc0a2a1
@codesardine codesardine add support for non clickable top level links 62a17d8
@codesardine codesardine minor customizer fix 6cc3efd
@codesardine codesardine another update 7ac6d91
@codesardine codesardine new top menu added 6300bc2
@codesardine codesardine some css fixes 595f769
@codesardine codesardine some layout ajustments 4fe7190
@codesardine codesardine update humans with my details ad25976
@codesardine codesardine major update, removed comments from pages, made theme fully widgetize…
…d and made by blocks, html code reduction, php code reduction, and started implementing doxygen support.
@codesardine codesardine moved into sidebar.php b89916f
@codesardine codesardine Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Automattic/_s into Automa…
@codesardine codesardine Conflicts:
@codesardine codesardine text domain rename 8f8f1e4
@codesardine codesardine fixing more conflicts 320d98a
@codesardine codesardine moving head output to functions 0ee5f7e
@codesardine codesardine added generic icons d3cb4d6
@codesardine codesardine several fixes in textdomain reparing files after merge adding generic…
…ons files

did not meant to push

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