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Commits on Sep 28, 2011
  1. Release Alpha 1 - part 2

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Complete moves from Translation to Babble.
    Updates to readme.txt and babble-poc.php as per previous commit
  2. Release Alpha 1 - part 1

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Changed name of README to WP friendly read me.txt
    Changed name of plugin from Translations to Babble, because it sounds
    Added `@access` to all docblocks.
    Added languages dir with WP language files for ease.
  3. Fix page links from admin area

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Previously the home_url filter wasn't being added to edit screens in
    the admin area. Relates to #20.
  4. When editing, allow switching between translations

    Simon Wheatley committed
    When in the admin area and editing, the admin bar now switches you
    between translations. Closes #24.
    When editing a post in admin, provide a "Create for %s" admin bar link
    for missing translations.
    New API function `sil_get_new_translation_url` which provides an admin
    area URL to create a translation for a given language.
Commits on Sep 27, 2011
  1. Associate transid with new posts in a translation grouping

    Simon Wheatley committed
    When a new post screen is passed a term_id as a GET param of
    `sil_transid` that transid is associated with the new post, and the
    post is set to the appropriate shadow post type (if not in the default
    language). If the new post is in the default language, a new transid is
    generated in the post_translation tax and associated with the post.
    Closes #22.
  2. Use post_translation tax to calculate fallback content

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Closes #12
  3. Fix lack of slash within page permalinks

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Addresses #20.
  4. Fix shadow post type links in the admin area

    Simon Wheatley committed
  5. Redirect from site root to default language homepage

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Closes #21.
  6. Fixes for switching menu in WP Admin Bar

    Simon Wheatley committed
    When on single posts the switching menu link for the default language
    link now works. Partially addresses #20.
    When on the homepage the switching menu now works to switch between
    different language homepages.
  7. Language specific homepages and remove `sil_get_translation_permalink`

    Simon Wheatley committed
    List (shadow) posts on language specific home pages. Closes #16.
    Remove deprecated `sil_get_translation_permalink` (closes #13), and add
    new API function `sil_get_post_lang` which returns the language that a
    given post or post ID is written for.
  8. Fix language specific home URL

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Previously passing just '/' as a path into the home_url filter was
    creating a broken URL.
    Closes #14.
  9. Fix problems with default language content

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Previously filtering the home_url during the request method of the WP
    class was causing issues.
    Closes #11
Commits on Sep 26, 2011
  1. Switch to post_translation taxonomy to link translations

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Add taxonomy `term_translation` and ensure it applies to all default
    post_types, and our shadow post_types. Closes #7.
    New API function: sil_get_post_translations which gets all posts with
    the same translation term as the provided post ID (i.e. all
    translations of a given piece of content, as specified by the post ID
    of one of the translations).
    sil_get_translation_permalink which will be removed ASAP.
    Remove metabox for the translation reference.
    Broken: The fallback content routines no longer work.
  2. Set appropriate permalinks on shadow translated content

    Simon Wheatley committed
  3. Language switching in admin area

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Adds a menu to the admin bar to select the language from the available
    languages in the site. Some changes to the parse_request functionality
    which allows us to switch between the translated shadow post_types
    dependant on the current language.
    Adds a taxonomy, post_translation, in preparation for moving the
    linking of translated versions of a post in the default language into a
    taxonomy rather than storing the relationship in post_meta.
  4. Remove stray error log

    Simon Wheatley committed
  5. Generate correct language permalinks

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Store lang as query_var.
    Hook home_url to alter the basic URL for all link generation.
    Beginnings of a menu on admin bar to switch languages and generate new
  6. Shadow taxonomies

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Register a new taxonomy in each language for each registered taxonomy.
  7. New hook needed for this plugin

    Simon Wheatley committed
    In case anyone needs to add it for testing purposes.
Commits on Sep 23, 2011
  1. Cope with more than one language

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Bugfix: Previously you couldn't have more than one language set, as the
    post_types got all messed up.
  2. Frontend language switching

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Crude but effective front end language switching based on the virtual
    language sub-directory. Currently needs to specify locale precisely, so
    needs to specify /de_DE/ not just /de/.
    Needs .mo files for WordPress and theme to be available.
  3. Housekeeping: doc block, FIXME, and fallback notices

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Added doc block to `sil_rewrite_rules_filter`.
    Added @FIXME note for if/when we want to support non-pretty permalinks
    Prepend a string to the title/excerpt/content to make it obvious when
    we are deliberately falling back to default language content.
  4. Edited README via GitHub

    Simon Wheatley committed
  5. Initial Workings

    Simon Wheatley committed
    Maintain translated content for posts: Every public post_type has a
    shadow post_type for each of the site languages. In time these shadow
    post_types will not have a public UI in the admin area. Swap content by
    hooking parse_request to target the appropriate shadow post type.
    Link each translated post to the source post in the default language:
    Each post/page/whatever which is not in the default language can be
    linked back to it's original version in the default language. Currently
    this process is manual; you type in a post ID in a metabox, in time
    this will be maintained by the plugin.
    Fallback to content in default language where translations are not
    available: When a post is shown in a language which is not the default
    language, if the title, content or excerpt for that post is not
    available in that language the title/content/excerpt from the default
    language is substituted.
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