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Blog In A Box Installer

A GUI installer tool to install Blog In A Box onto an SD card.

Manages the download of WordPress, Raspbian, and subsequent configuration, as well as the actual image burning.


Install Yarn and then:

yarn install --ignore-platform

This ensures you install all platform specific modules (Windows and MacOS).


Run the development server that contains the web app:

yarn run start

Then run the development Electron app:

yarn run dev

The web app is found in the src directory, and the Electron app in app.

Electron will hot-reload any changes you make to the web app, but changes will to the Electron app will require a restart of Electron.

Running a packaged version


yarn run pack

To produce local packaged versions of the app.


During development dependencies are taken from the main package.json. For the production build only packages in the app directory will be used. It's therefore important that you add packages to both.


A packaged version of the app can be built with:

yarn run dist


To make a release to Github:

  • Commit all changes to Github and ensure that package.json and app/package.json have been versioned.
  • Ensure GH_TOKEN is set with a Github application specific token (needs the repo scope permission)
  • Ensure WIN_CSC_LINK points at a valid .p12 certificate (needs to be a full path)
  • Ensure WIN_CSC_KEY_PASSWORD contains the password for the certificate file
  • yarn run release
  • Go to Releases and edit the draft release
  • Publish release

DMG Background

The DMG background is combined from build/dmg/background@1x.png and build/dmg/background@2x.png into build/dmg/background.png. To combine:

yarn run dmg


We welcome contributions in any form, and you can help reporting, testing, and detailing bugs.


The Blog In A Box installer is licensed under GNU General Public License.