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Latest commit a9ad840 @kraftbj kraftbj Merge pull request #3374 from ntwb/patch-1
Travis CI: Remove `fast_finish` notification option
Failed to load latest commit information.
3rd-party Documentation: add module name to all hooks.
_inc Tracks: namespace classes to avoid conflicts
css Grunt!
images changed all .png refs to .jpgs to update file changes
json-endpoints Plugin Install API: Fix how we comprate slugs from ids
languages I18n: updating languages.
modules Fix typo ("accesible" to "accessible")
scss Solve branch conflict with module info.
tests Merge pull request #3251 from Automattic/update/plugins-install-endpoint
tools Exclude mo/po generation for language packs
views/admin My Jetpack: Call correct method that was renamed in a59cb3f
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig
.gitignore Time to make tests on
.jshintignore Merge with latest master.
.jshintrc Swipe Core's .jshintrc file.
.svnignore Add "to-test.txt" for storing testing information for beta testers
.travis.yml Travis CI: Remove `fast_finish` notification option Contributing Guide: update link to Good First Bug issues.
Gruntfile.js Social Menu: Update gruntfile
changelog.txt General: updated changelogs and bumped stable tag.
class.jetpack-admin.php Module info: refactor Module info, remove unused filter.
class.jetpack-autoupdate.php Simplify things, use the get_possible_failures method
class.jetpack-bbpress-json-api-compat.php Update the bbPress compat file.
class.jetpack-cli.php I18n: fixed unintended changes, added missed space and fixed indentat…
class.jetpack-client-server.php Nosara: fix strange indentation and spacing
class.jetpack-client.php Inline Docs: Version numbers should be in x.y.z format in all cases.
class.jetpack-data.php Comment on why vvv .dev domains are out
class.jetpack-debugger.php Merge pull request #3275 from Automattic/add/beta-notice-debug-form
class.jetpack-error.php Jetpack: Big, structural change. Splitting off all classes into their…
class.jetpack-heartbeat.php Heartbeat: Move is_https next to ssl test.
class.jetpack-ixr-client.php Merge pull request #2547 from Automattic/remove/unused-code
class.jetpack-jitm.php Make Photon JITM visible in Media Library when user creates a new pos…
class.jetpack-modules-list-table.php Module info: refactor Module info, remove unused filter.
class.jetpack-network-sites-list-table.php Multisite: hide archived sites in Network > Jetpack > Sites list. fixes
class.jetpack-network.php Merge pull request #2759 from Automattic/add/i18n-network
class.jetpack-options.php Add autoupdate results to jetpack::log
class.jetpack-post-images.php Post Images: avoid errors when is_module_active doesn't exist
class.jetpack-signature.php Merge branch 'replace_var_with_public' of…
class.jetpack-sync.php Staging Sites: Rename function. Fixes #2995
class.jetpack-tracks.php Tracks: prefix all functions with jetpack_
class.jetpack-twitter-cards.php Merge pull request #2516 from Automattic/add/escape-image-twitter-cards
class.jetpack-user-agent.php Stats: adding iescholar bot to the list of bot_agents so that it's ex…
class.jetpack-xmlrpc-server.php Change secret verification method to prevent PHP timing attacks
class.jetpack.php Sitemaps: Don't activatate when MSM Sitemaps is active.
class.json-api-endpoints.php Options Endpoint:
class.json-api.php Documentation: add module name to all hooks. Media Extractor: avoid duplicate images Documentation: add module name to all hooks.
class.photon.php Merge pull request #3186 from Automattic/fix/photon-notices
composer.json add a composer.json for this plugin
functions.compat.php Youtube Shortcode: fix undefined notices when using new shortcode format Documentation: add module name to all hooks.
functions.opengraph.php Merge pull request #3014 from Automattic/add/default-og-desc
functions.photon.php Documentation: add module name to all hooks.
jetpack.php Update readme
json-api-config.php REST API: declare the production/development version variables as glo…
json-endpoints.php Merge pull request #3190 from Automattic/update/users-endpoint-18-12-…
locales.php General: adding textdomain to translations.
package.json General: bumped the version and required tag.
phpunit.xml.dist Add whitelist filter for phpunit tests Remove link to "Ready" label as we don't use it anymore.
readme.txt Update readme
require-lib.php Main Jetpack class: remove unused parameter. Testing list: update for 3.9 Beta2.
uninstall.php Jetpack
wpml-config.xml Add a `wpml-config.xml` file.



Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that supercharges your self-hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of

For more information, check out

Get Started

To install the Jetpack plugin on your site, follow the instructions on this page.

Get Help

Do you need help installing Jetpack, or do you have questions about one of the Jetpack modules? You can search through our documentation here. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, you can send us an email or start a new thread in the support forums.


Developers of all levels can help — whether you can barely recognize a filter (or don’t know what that means) or you’ve already authored your own plugins, there are ways for you to pitch in. Blast off:

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The Jetpack Pit Crew is comprised of @georgestephanis, @dereksmart, @jeffgolenski, @jessefriedman, @richardmuscat, @samhotchkiss, @squirk, @zinigor, and @justinkropp

Legacy contributions (that may not be credited properly due to the import from SVN) have been made by dozens of other Automatticians, like:

  • @aliso
  • @allendav
  • @alternatekev
  • @apeatling
  • @azaozz
  • @bazza
  • @beaulebens
  • @cfinke
  • @daniloercoli
  • @enejb
  • @eoigal
  • @ethitter
  • @gibrown
  • @hugobaeta
  • @jasmussen
  • @jblz
  • @jkudish
  • @johnjamesjacoby
  • @justinshreve
  • @koke
  • @kovshenin
  • @lancewillett
  • @lezama
  • @martinremy
  • @MichaelArestad
  • @mtias
  • @mcsf
  • @mdawaffe
  • @nickmomrik
  • @obenland
  • @pento
  • @rase-
  • @roccotripaldi
  • @skeltoac
  • @stephdau
  • @tmoorewp
  • @Viper007Bond
  • @xyu
  • @yoavf

Our awesome happiness engineers are @jeherve, @richardmtl, @csonnek, @rcowles, @kraftbj, @chaselivingston, @jenhooks, @aheckler, @mikeyarce, @ntpixels, and @macmanx2

Interested in working on awesome open-source code all day? Join us!

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