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simison Build: remove grunt (#9200)
1. Uses wp-i18n directly via [`node-wp-i18n`]( module instead of [Grunt wrapper]( See cedaro/grunt-wp-i18n#61 (comment)

Allows removing grunt task runner.

2. Updates `wp-i18n` from quite old version to the latest. (`grunt-wp-i18n@0.4.6` [is from July 2014](

3. Removes POT generation script since we're not using it anymore; GlotPress at generates a POT file based on existing strings that we ship with the plugin.

## Testing
1. Grab this branch and `yarn install`
2. Test if this still works as expected:
    yarn add-textdomain
Latest commit 34c6e80 Jul 19, 2018
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.github Add stale bot (#9835) Jun 28, 2018
3rd-party Lazy Images: WooCommerce: Adds compat for lazy images when updating c… Jul 17, 2018
_inc Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
bin Add PHP 5.2 Compatibility linting pre-commit hook (#9908) Jul 18, 2018
docker Docker: add php-curl module (#9891) Jul 11, 2018
docs Add PHP 5.2 Compatibility linting pre-commit hook (#9908) Jul 18, 2018
images Themes Promo Card: update copy Jun 7, 2018
json-endpoints Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
languages Update languages in master (#9660) May 30, 2018
modules Fix EOL for module-headings.php (#9931) Jul 18, 2018
sal Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
scss Add new connect splash screen content. (#9138) Jun 5, 2018
sync Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
tests Revert "Skip hulu tests that are failing erratically (#9850)" (#9857) Jul 13, 2018
tools Make gutenberg be checked by default in Gutenberg Live branches (#9920) Jul 17, 2018
views/admin Network Settings: secure footer links (#9146) Mar 26, 2018
.babelrc Try updating to React 15 and newer dops-components (#7549) Nov 1, 2017
.codeclimate.yml Add CodeClimate config & badge Jun 21, 2016
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig Nov 4, 2015
.eslines.json Add pre commit hook for linting JS (#8862) Feb 16, 2018
.eslintignore Search: Implicitly activate search when widget added (#8822) Feb 23, 2018
.eslintrc Admin Page Fix all eslint warnings about the react/jsx-no-bind rule (#… Mar 13, 2018
.gitignore Move docker ignored files before the list of files we are not going t… May 31, 2018
.jshintignore Allows to run tests for modules Javascript code (#9687) Jun 28, 2018
.jshintrc Swipe Core's .jshintrc file. Mar 7, 2014
.npmrc Grunt to Gulp: Replace grunt build with Gulp May 15, 2016
.nvmrc Upgrade Admin Page to rely on Node 8 (#8157) Nov 15, 2017
.svnignore Build: remove grunt (#9200) Jul 19, 2018
.travis.yml Cleanup Jul 11, 2018 Documentation: reorganize current docs and create new ones. (#5985) Feb 6, 2017
LICENSE.txt Clarify GPLv2 or later (#7879) Sep 28, 2017
changelog.txt Add 6.3.2 changelog (#9866) Jul 4, 2018
class.frame-nonce-preview.php Fixes published-post autosave-previews in calypso (#6530) Feb 28, 2017
class.jetpack-admin.php Added a check for WordAds feature. (#9268) Apr 24, 2018
class.jetpack-autoupdate.php Jetpack Autoupdates: Removed php warning (#9246) Apr 9, 2018
class.jetpack-bbpress-json-api-compat.php Remove REST_API_REQUEST for some cheap post/meta whitelist calls Jul 6, 2016
class.jetpack-cli.php Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
class.jetpack-client-server.php CLI: JPS: Update script to use /jpphp/provision … Apr 24, 2018
class.jetpack-client.php Add utility for WPCOM API requests as user (#9122) Mar 26, 2018
class.jetpack-connection-banner.php Connection splash: update copy on contact us button (#9888) Jul 11, 2018
class.jetpack-constants.php Updates/new protect from styles (#8274) Dec 13, 2017
class.jetpack-data.php Remove local DNS check (#9792) Jun 26, 2018
class.jetpack-debugger.php CLI: Add testing suite to cli status command (#9636) May 29, 2018
class.jetpack-error.php Jetpack: Big, structural change. Splitting off all classes into their… Jul 9, 2013
class.jetpack-heartbeat.php Update/heartbeat sync (#5389) Nov 9, 2016
class.jetpack-idc.php IDC: Clear VaultPress options when in IDC and Jetpack connection cycl… Apr 19, 2018
class.jetpack-ixr-client.php IXR Client: Prevent direct access. See #3056 Apr 1, 2016
class.jetpack-jitm.php Fix where jitms may return an empty response where it shouldn't (#9167) Mar 27, 2018
class.jetpack-modules-list-table.php make sure Manage is hidden from legacy settings page when active (#9152) Mar 27, 2018
class.jetpack-network-sites-list-table.php Network: display all sites available in network. Apr 24, 2017
class.jetpack-network.php Try to set longer timeouts for Register() in connect (#7736) Sep 25, 2017
class.jetpack-options.php Fix: update ensure autoloading to use add option (#9799) Jun 26, 2018
class.jetpack-post-images.php Added a filter to allow for custom image dimension logic. (#9834) Jun 28, 2018
class.jetpack-signature.php REST API: Add support for GET onboarding requests (#8461) Jan 11, 2018
class.jetpack-tracks.php Add flag/option for whether TOS has been agreed upon (#8935) Feb 27, 2018
class.jetpack-twitter-cards.php Jetpack Twitter Cards: fix open graph tags (#9707) Jun 7, 2018
class.jetpack-user-agent.php improve condition (#7757) Sep 22, 2017
class.jetpack-xmlrpc-server.php Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
class.jetpack.php TSF compat (#9912) Jul 18, 2018
class.json-api-endpoints.php Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
class.json-api.php Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
class.photon.php Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018
composer.json Add PHP 5.2 Compatibility linting pre-commit hook (#9908) Jul 18, 2018
composer.lock Add PHP_CodeSniffer to Composer along with some initial rules (#8656) Jan 30, 2018
dangerfile.js Danger: Update message wording & add `danger skip` check (#9826) Jun 28, 2018
functions.compat.php Fix 5.2 compatibility issues (#9905) Jul 18, 2018 Build: Enqueue non-minified _inc JS when SCRIPT_DEBUG true (#8220) Nov 27, 2017 Connection Splash Screen: Update agreement text to specify that conse… Jul 3, 2018
functions.opengraph.php Add closing comment to OG tags (#9338) Apr 24, 2018
functions.photon.php Bring back changes from a03632a Apr 26, 2018
gulpfile.babel.js Allows to run tests for modules Javascript code (#9687) Jun 28, 2018
jetpack.php Bump version to 6.4-alpha (#9856) Jul 4, 2018
json-api-config.php REST API: declare the production/development version variables as glo… May 11, 2015
json-endpoints.php JSON Endpoints: Merge Changes from (#9418) Apr 26, 2018
locales.php updates from GP Apr 27, 2017
package.json Build: remove grunt (#9200) Jul 19, 2018
phpcs.xml General: Update PHP Codesniffer configuration to include the PHPCompa… Jul 12, 2018
phpunit.xml.dist Try with a different phpunit version Jul 5, 2018 Readme: update list of contributors Jun 8, 2018
readme.txt Add 6.3.2 changelog (#9866) Jul 4, 2018
require-lib.php Some PHPDoc fixes (#8543) Jan 17, 2018 Add changelog 6.3 (#9694) Jun 26, 2018
uninstall.php General: Update uninstall script to delete many more options (#7834) Oct 17, 2017
webpack.config.js Use JS sourcemaps during development (#8936) Mar 16, 2018
wpml-config.xml Add a `wpml-config.xml` file. Mar 3, 2014
yarn.lock Build: remove grunt (#9200) Jul 19, 2018


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