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branch: 2.9
Commits on Apr 10, 2014
  1. Cathy J. Fitzpatrick
  2. George Stephanis Cathy J. Fitzpatrick

    2.9.3 version bump

    georgestephanis authored cathyjf committed
  3. George Stephanis Cathy J. Fitzpatrick

    Ensure valid signatures.

    georgestephanis authored cathyjf committed
Commits on Mar 18, 2014
  1. George Stephanis

    Bump to 2.9.2

    georgestephanis authored
Commits on Mar 17, 2014
  1. George Stephanis

    Revert "Publicize: Fix the ability to mark posts as not publicizable …

    georgestephanis authored
    …with wpas_submit_post? filter."
    This reverts commit 2beb14c.
    This changeset was leading to issues where users couldn't publicize posts that were done from any UI other than the web interface.
Commits on Mar 6, 2014
  1. George Stephanis

    Bump version to 2.9.1

    georgestephanis authored
  2. George Stephanis

    Bump version to 2.9.1

    georgestephanis authored
  3. George Stephanis
  4. George Stephanis

    SSO: Finish nerfing the login nuker.

    georgestephanis authored
    When @blobaugh commented out the option, he never stopped the code that
    the option kicks off, so any beta testers that had it flipped on
    couldn’t deactivate it, and have had a feature they shouldn’t on
    production.  This should do that.
Commits on Mar 3, 2014
  1. Brandon Kraft Ben Lobaugh

    Adds check for window.wp.autosave.server.

    kraftbj authored blobaugh committed
Commits on Feb 26, 2014
  1. Xiao Yu Ben Lobaugh

    Fix title escaping issue

    xyu authored blobaugh committed
  2. Ben Lobaugh

    Bumping release to 2.9

    blobaugh authored
  3. Miguel Lezama

    Languages: 2.9 translations.

    lezama authored
  4. Ben Lobaugh
  5. Ben Lobaugh

    Add missing <?php tag

    blobaugh authored
  6. Ben Lobaugh

    Multisite: CHanging default subsite connection override and updating …

    blobaugh authored
    The Network Admin can allow the Individual Site Admins the ability to reconnect with their
    own account. Also did a minor word change to the setting to make it easier
    to understand what the setting does.
Commits on Feb 25, 2014
  1. Miguel Lezama Ben Lobaugh

    Display Publicize connection when post status == auto-draft.

    lezama authored blobaugh committed
    Bug introduced in 66eedaa.
  2. Brandon Kraft Ben Lobaugh
Commits on Feb 24, 2014
  1. Ben Lobaugh

    Bumping beta version number

    blobaugh authored
  2. Xiao Yu Ben Lobaugh

    Expose Bulk Sync queued status to end user

    xyu authored blobaugh committed
  3. Xiao Yu

    Merge pull request #252 from xyu/module-related-posts

    xyu authored
    Module Related Posts
  4. Xiao Yu
  5. Ben Lobaugh

    Tab fix

    blobaugh authored
  6. Ben Lobaugh

    Fixes #249 to show the user connection prompt

    blobaugh authored
    The prompt was being captured behind the conditional checking to see if the site admin
    is allowed to reconnect Jetpack with their own account. Moved the code
    from behind that conditional to ensure it runs for normal users all the time.
  7. Jeremy Herve Ben Lobaugh
  8. Ben Lobaugh

    Updating @since version numbers in class.jetpack-network.php

    blobaugh authored
    Version was mostly 2.5 as that was when the Multisite code was originally ready for release.
    Since the actual release version will be with 2.9 the numbers have been updated to reflect.
  9. Ben Lobaugh
  10. George Stephanis Ben Lobaugh

    Let's make sure we're not loading a wpcom asset unless the user has c…

    georgestephanis authored blobaugh committed
    …onnected their account.
  11. Nikhil Vimal Ben Lobaugh

    Minor spelling change in inline docs

    NikV authored blobaugh committed
  12. Xiao Yu Ben Lobaugh

    Overflowing text fix

    xyu authored blobaugh committed
  13. Xiao Yu Ben Lobaugh

    More filters to make customizing Related Posts easier

    xyu authored blobaugh committed
  14. Ben Lobaugh
  15. Xiao Yu Ben Lobaugh

    New layout for image based related posts

    xyu authored blobaugh committed
  16. George Stephanis Ben Lobaugh

    use submit_button(), don't write your own.

    georgestephanis authored blobaugh committed
  17. George Stephanis Ben Lobaugh

    Use wp_safe_redirect, not wp_redirect.

    georgestephanis authored blobaugh committed
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