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Markdown: why store markdown version in 'post_content_filtered' column in DB? #187

aahan opened this Issue Feb 8, 2014 · 3 comments

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aahan commented Feb 8, 2014

Issue explained in full detail here, please read it first:

@mattwiebe In the linked forum thread, you said:

Well yeah, I wrote the version, so there are definite similarities between that and MoSI. One of the differences is that Markdown is per-site rather than per-post, which in that case should eliminate the bug you're describing.

But that doesn't seem to be the case. And the issue persists on both and with the Jetpack Markdown module installed on my self-hosted blog.

My question is, why post_content_filtered? Wouldn't it be a better idea to use a different/new column (if possible) to store the markdown version, so that the markdown version'd never be lost no matter how you edit the post?

@jeherve jeherve added the Markdown label Feb 9, 2014
@mattwiebe mattwiebe was assigned by jeherve Feb 9, 2014
@jeherve jeherve added the bug label Feb 10, 2014

Saving in post_content_filtered is just nice, because it keeps things in the same DB row. Creating a new column is not only not possible (no new tables or alterations allowed on, storing the Markdown version in a different column or in something like post_meta wouldn't change the underlying logic that may be leading to bugs.

This is a different plugin than MoSI. Revision restoration has been tested extensively and should no longer be an issue, but if you do find problems there, please report it as an individual issue. Same goes for any of the other issues reported on that .org forum thread: individual issues for individual bugs, please. :)

@mattwiebe mattwiebe closed this Feb 10, 2014
aahan commented Feb 11, 2014

@mattwiebe #199: Is this the kind of bug report you asked for? Please let me know if I misunderstood you. :cold_sweat:


Great, thanks for the bug report! The idea is to be specific with bugs, there was just too many things in here to call it a bug report.

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