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kraftbj commented Apr 4, 2014

For when a site's Jetpack connection is inaccessible (e.g. a problem with the Jetpack connection or an issue accessing xmlrpc.php), add a more graceful fallback.

Currently, in such a situation, the error from the failed connection is thrown and the commenter loses the comment completely. Idea: Jetpack hold the comment for X time waiting for the site's connection to become accessible again.


What I'd prefer to do is modify the failure page to display the submitted comment in a text field so the user could copy/paste it.

Also, potentially attempt to display it as a form that would submit to core's comment-post.php url.

Alternatively, email the comment to the user with the post data so they can try again later? Not sure if that would be spam for unauthenticated users.

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I like the idea that if an error is encountered when submitting a comment, the visitor has a choice to publish the comment using the native or alternate comment form. It would be great if when switching comment forms that the comment text from within Jetpack Comments was automatically transferred over to the native comment form.

Or, take the fields from Jetpack like Name, URL, EMAIL, and comment text and automatically push it through the native comment form instead of requiring user interaction. An error would describe that the comment was not able to be published, would you like to try the alternate method? Selecting yes would automatically fill in the details and push the comment through the native comment form.

Not sure how feasible those ideas are but they're ideas.

mindctrl commented Apr 5, 2014

In case of failure, visitors shouldn't have to make any choices or do anything, if it can be helped. Just handle it for them. If you feel it necessary to even tell them a failure happened, just word it in some way that lets them know there could be a brief delay before their comment shows up.

blobaugh commented Apr 5, 2014

+1 to @mindctrl. The comment can be stored on the wporg site and sync'd to wpcom later. The difficult part is how to detect that the action inside the iframe failed and reroute it back to wporg.


Ben -- no it can't, you're not grasping the dataflow. Will explain tomorrow.
On Apr 5, 2014 12:37 AM, "Ben Lobaugh" wrote:

+1 to @mindctrl The comment can be stored
on the wporg site and sync'd to wpcom later. The difficult part is how to
detect that the action inside the iframe failed and reroute it back to

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kraftbj commented Feb 8, 2015

Another situation to handle is when the connection is working, but when the local WP site is down. An example on a site today:

  1. Site loads
  2. Visitor writing comment while the local site goes down
  3. Submits comment
  4. Error shown (comment lost) in the iframe space when the frame passes from wpcom to local install.
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Based on the conversation here, it seems like this is a pretty rare issue-- since this is not in line with our current priorities/roadmap, I'm going to go ahead and close. If there are 3 more requests after this comment, please re-open.

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