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Better Multisite Module Management #866

richardmtl opened this Issue · 6 comments

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A user, (who runs a multisite network), wrote in with the following suggestions (slightly edited for clarity):

I still have to go through each individual site and activate/deactivate modules, though from the network I have them all linked to my one account. It would be nice if on the network screen I could activate/deactivate the modules for each site OR there was just a single page with the modules active/inactive and all the sites shared the same module statuses.


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Rescuing @georgestephanis gif over to this issue from the now closed #247 because solidarity

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Possibly would fit in 3.3, but we've got something else cooking up shortly that may serve the same use case. More to come shortly.


This feature would be nice, I have a University Site and each sector and course has it's own site, but it's all linked to the main site. I'm using Jetpack but it's suck because I can't configure a module globally. We have more thah 80 sites in the network and it's difficulty to configure the same module on each site.


Hey @georgestephanis, It doesn't look like this made it into 3.3. Do you have anything more you can share about the "something else cooking" you mentioned above?

Because this (among other things):

(As an aside, I've been using a variation of this: to block modules, thanks to @blobaugh for pointing me in that direction.)


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@mrjarbenne I replied in the thread and created #1427

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The changelog had a bit of a clue today: "Enhancement: General: Added custom capabilities for module management on multi-site installs"; but I can't find any additional documentation.

Has there been movement in this area?

Updated: Found this: #2688


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