Better Error Messaging

Updated Nov 7, 2018

Determine more causes for generic error messages that are typically handled by Happiness by cycling the connection. The end goal is to provide a more stable connection experience or, when that isn't possible, provide an easier route for resolution vs cycling the connection.

Owned by @kraftbj and @jeherve.

Dashboard Improvements

Updated Jun 15, 2018

Iterating on the Jetpack dashboard


Updated Apr 12, 2018

Ideas and tasks for improving Jetpack Docker development setup.


Updated Jun 2, 2018

Changes to be made to Jetpack to be fully compliant with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To learn more about this, visit

WooCommerce Analytics

Updated Oct 29, 2018

Store Analytics for Jetpack connected sites with WooCommerce. Tracking implementation and interface provided by Analytics.

Dashboard remix

Updated Sep 29, 2017



Updated Jun 30, 2017

An ongoing project for accessibility tasks

Improves the experience for Jetpack authors when they've transferred their WordPress site from to a self-hosted plan by providing a similar experience to the front-end navigation on

Widget Visibility Next

Updated Jun 30, 2017

No description

VideoPress Next

Updated Jun 30, 2017

A better interface for VideoPress, and lots of changes to make it more user-friendly.