@oskosk oskosk released this Aug 29, 2018 · 5 commits to branch-6.5-built since this release

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= 6.5 =

Major Enhancements

WordAds: Added ability to include custom ads.txt entries in the ads module.


Admin Page: Added ability to disable backups UI by filter when VaultPress is not activated.
Comments: Moved the Subscription checkboxes on a comment form from after the submit button to before the submit button.
General: Removed the outdated "Site Verification Services" card in Tools.
General: Removed jetpack_enable_site_verification filter. We recommend filtering access to verification tools using jetpack_get_available_modules instead.
General: Simplified the logic of Jetpack's signed HTTP requests code.
Lazy Images: Updated lazy images to use a default base64 encoded transparent to reduce a network request.

Improved compatibility

Geo Location: Fixed a compatibility issue with other plugins that added meta attributes to site feeds with the rss2_ns, atom_ns or rdf_ns filters.

Bug fixes

AMP: Fix PHP notice when rendering AMP images with unknown width and height.
Contact Forms: We fixed an issue where personal data eraser requests didn't erase all requested feedback.
General: Improves compatibility with the upcoming PHP 7.3.
General: Updated input validation for meta tags given in site verification.
Lazy Images: Deprecated jetpack_lazy_images_skip_image_with_atttributes filter in favor of jetpack_lazy_images_skip_image_with_attributes to address typo.
Sharing: Fixed duplicate rel tags on Sharing links.
Search: Fixed an issue where a CSS and JavaScript file could be enqueued unnecessarily if the Search module was activated and if the site was using the Query Monitor plugin.
Shortcodes: Updated Wufoo Shortcode to always load over https and use async form embed.
Widgets: Fixed excessive logging issue with Twitter Timeline widget.
Widgets: Removed cutoff date check for Twitter Timeline widget as it is no longer necassary.
Widgets: Added decimal precision validator to Simple Payments Widget price field on the Customizer for supporting Japanese Yen.