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Added support for ListAllMyBuckets, ListBucket and ?delete and such #70

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richtera commented May 5, 2012
  1. Made the bucket an optional parameter (for ListAllMyBuckets)
  2. Fixed signing so things like ?delete would properly get signed (used to assume ?delete=...)
  3. Added tests for those two.
domenic commented May 15, 2012

Added the ?delete stuff to my fork at

domenic commented Jul 16, 2012

So I think the only thing left is ListAllMyBuckets; you can do ListBucket with .get("") (although perhaps a sugar method would be useful, although it would need XML parsing). Knox is entirely centered around one client-per-bucket right now though, so it'd be a bit tricky. Maybe a new top-level API like knox.listBuckets({ key, secret }).

Would you be up for implementing something like that?


That would be possible, yes. I'll look into it although it might take a little bit of time due to other projects getting in the way.

domenic commented Oct 10, 2012

Closing in favor of #104 and #101.

@domenic domenic closed this Oct 10, 2012
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