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defunctzombie commented Nov 22, 2012

While useful in its own right, the kue dashboard is a separate project from the base kue api. This will minimize the dependencies for the package down to just what is needed to create and manage queues headlessly. Updates to the dashboard (which could be anything from small tweaks, ui changes, etc) will no longer affect the kue versioning or issues with the core "product" :)


runningskull commented Nov 22, 2012

👍 - this would also let other queue implementations have their own "insta-gui" by simply conforming to the json views that the dashboard expects.


tj commented Nov 22, 2012

im not against it, but it's definitely not something I'm interested in doing


bulkan commented Jun 27, 2013

I agree with @visionmedia , I really like that I can install Kue and get a default UI.

@drudge can we close this issue too ?


drudge commented Jun 27, 2013

I prefer to keep the UI bundled with the core.

drudge closed this Jun 27, 2013

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