Delayed job not emitting 'complete' #183

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GIven code like this:

        var email = jobs.create('email', job).save();
    email.on('complete', function(){ console.log('completed',;});
    crawl.on('complete', function(){
            var otherEmail = jobs.create('email', job2).priority('high').delay(30000).save();
            otherEmail.on('promote', function() { console.log('other email promoted');});
            otherEmail.on('complete', function(){ console.log('other email completed');});

    jobs.process('email', doMail);

the otherEmail job emits its 'promoted' event, and it actually runs (that is, the code in the doMail function runs for both jobs), but it does not ever fire the 'complete' event handler code that I assigned.  I can also watch its progress through the kue app, and see that it moves correctly from Active to Completed at appropriate times.  Just my custom handler code doesn't fire.  Anything I"m doing wrong?

still not sure why the above didn't work, but by listening to on('job complete') of the queue instance I was able to do what I wanted.

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Please try to bind your event handlers before you save the job, to prevent races So check if this works better:

 var email = jobs.create('email', job);
 email.on('complete', function(){ console.log('completed',;}).save();
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