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We have received the [DMCA takedown notice]( below regarding material published on your site, which means the complainant is asserting ownership of this material and claiming that your use of it is not permitted by them or the law. We have disabled public access to the material by suspending your site due to the large percentage of content at issue.
If you would like to resume blogging on, please confirm that you understand this notice and that you agree to remove all of the content at issue.
Alternatively, if you believe that this DMCA takedown notice was received in error, or if you believe your usage of this material would be considered fair use, it’s important that you submit a formal DMCA counter notice so that we can restore access to your site. If you submit a valid counter notice, we will return the material to your site in 10 business days if the complainant does not reply with legal action.
Please refer to the following pages for more information:
[Countering a DMCA Notice](
[Digital Millenium Copyright Act – Counter Notice](
Please note that republishing the material yourself on another blog, without permission from the copyright holder (even after you have submitted a counter notice) will result in the permanent suspension of your other site and/or account.
Thank you.
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