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WordPress for iOS notifies of a new comment on a liveblog but doesn't show it #48

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The latest update to the Wordpress iOS app gives push notifications for comments. Since the liveblog updates are a special type of comment, I got a push notification today after I posted something on my liveblog, but on opening the app, the comment doesn't show.

This isn't a real bug. But in the spirit of getting everything to work together, one of the following can be implementing -
1. Make liveblog updates act like real comments and show up in the iOS app. That way we can edit them from the app itself. OR
2. Allow users to post a 'chat' type of post using the app and the liveblog plugin automatically picks it up and converts it into a liveblog update. I'm saying this because I have not seen a lot of use of the 'chat' post type. Maybe I'm wrong.


I believe this may or may not be a bug. You've classified liveblog updates as comments with special tags. Unless WordPress has an inbuilt system to allow you to ignore comments of some kind, this is not a fault of the plugin.

Conversely, this means this is a bug for WordPress, since the app also alerts me to linkbacks...


Yep, this is a bug specific to how handles notifications of comments; it's not respecting the comment_type value. We'll look into it.

nb commented

This should be fixed now.

@nb nb closed this
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