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Liveblog Comment Editing #9

borkweb opened this Issue Aug 30, 2012 · 5 comments

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borkweb commented Aug 30, 2012

Creating a custom comment_approved value (liveblog) was a good plan and helps keep the liveblog updates segregated from regular comments. The custom comment_approved value, however, poses a bit of a problem on the administrative side.

Our editors would love to have the ability to edit comments. Comment status handling appears to be hardcoded around the standard: approved, unapproved, trash, hold, etc.

  • wp_set_comment_status returns false when it isn't one of the standard comment types.
  • Custom comment statuses don't appear in the editor form

Is there a plan to make changes to that functionality? Have those changes begun? Is that something that would be useful for me to work on and submit a patch?

borkweb commented Aug 30, 2012

For now, I suppose I can leverage the hooks in wp_transition_comment_status.

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mjangda commented Aug 30, 2012

Yep, entry editing has been on the feature list since very early on but not an initial priority.

Two important things:

  • everything should happen from the front-end (i.e. an liveblog author should not have to go to the Dashboard to edit an entry)
  • a liveblog viewer should get the updates/edits to entries (this is a bit tricky since there's no way with the existing schema to store a modified date)

@mjangda: @borkweb just pointed out this trac ticket to add a comment_modified_date_gmt column, but it hasn't had much traction. Does Automattic have a position on that? Real question: do you think is it worth our time to create a patch and try to move that discussion along?

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nb commented Aug 31, 2012

As @mjangda said, the plan was all the management to happen in the front-end, so we didn't really care about having the comments show up in the backend.

In order the user to get the updates, a comment_modified column would be nice, but it's not gonna happen on the short-term, even if the ticket is committed. Schema changes are tricky, especially on

We have a little-bit different infrastructure for distributing updates. Each change to a comment (update/delete) is a new comment with a comment meta liveblog_replaces, which tells us an update to which entry is this. If the content is empty, we assume the entry is deleted. This approach has the added benefit that we can cache AJAX responses indefinitely, because entries are immutable.

Unfortunately this is one of the abstractions, which aren't that well expressed in the code. See #4 for a suggestion how to make it better.

Now, to the point. In order to implement entry editing, you would need something very similar to liveblog.publisher.delete_entry(), but with the new contents, instead of empty string. I haven't done it because it needed a n hour or two of interface work, which I thought were better spent in other parts of the plugin.

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nb commented Jan 24, 2013

Closing this, because now we have editing on the front end and making it work on the front-end would require some extra work.

@nb nb closed this Jan 24, 2013
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