With Media Explorer, you can now search for tweets and videos on Twitter and YouTube directly from the Add Media screen in WordPress.
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Media Explorer

Media Explorer gives you the ability to insert content from social media services in your posts.


In order to get this working in your WordPress installation, you have to follow the next steps:

  • Clone this repo in the plugins folder of your WordPress install with git clone https://github.com/Automattic/media-explorer.git.
  • Get your credentials:
    • Twitter
    • Instagram.
    • YouTube.
      • For YouTube, you'll have to create or use an existing project in your Google Developers Console
      • Ensure that this project has the "YouTube Data API v3" API enabled.
      • Create and use a public access API Key for your project.
  • Write your credentials in mexp-creds.php
  • Activate the "MEXP oAuth Creditials" plugin to enable the configured API keys.
  • Enjoy!