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1.0.6 / 2011-02-03

  • Fixed post middleware
  • Fixed; it's now possible to instantiate a model even when one of the paths maps to an undefined value [brian]

1.0.5 / 2011-02-02

  • Fixed; combo $push and $pushAll auto-converts into a $pushAll [brian]
  • Fixed; combo $pull and $pullAll auto-converts to a single $pullAll [brian]
  • Fixed; $pullAll now removes said members from array before save (so it acts just like pushAll) [brian]
  • Fixed; multiple $pulls and $pushes become a single $pullAll and $pushAll. Moreover, $pull now modifies the array before save to reflect the immediate change [brian]
  • Added tests for nested shortcut getters [brian]
  • Added tests that show that Schemas with nested Arrays don't apply defaults [brian]

1.0.4 / 2011-02-02

  • Added MongooseNumber#toString
  • Added MongooseNumber unit tests

1.0.3 / 2011-02-02

  • Make sure safe mode works with Model#save
  • Changed Schema options: safe mode is now the default
  • Updated node-mongodb-native to HEAD

1.0.2 / 2011-02-02

  • Added a Model.create shortcut for creating documents. [brian]
  • Fixed; we can now instantiate models with hashes that map to at least one null value. [brian]
  • Fixed Schema with more than 2 nested levels. [brian]

1.0.1 / 2011-02-02

  • Improved MongooseNumber, works almost like the native except for typeof not being 'number'.
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