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TESTS = $(shell find test/ -name '*.test.js')
DOCS_ = $(shell find lib/ -name '*.js')
DOCS = $(DOCS_:.js=.json)
DOCFILE = docs/source/_docs
@./node_modules/.bin/mocha --reporter list $(TESTFLAGS) $(TESTS)
@node test/dropdb.js
docs: docclean gendocs
gendocs: $(DOCFILE)
node website.js
%.json: %.js
@echo "\n### $(patsubst lib//%,lib/%, $^)" >> $(DOCFILE)
./node_modules/dox/bin/dox < $^ >> $(DOCFILE)
node website.js --watch && node static.js
rm -f ./docs/*.{1,html,json}
rm -f ./docs/source/_docs
.PHONY: test site docs docclean gendocs
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