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@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ block content
Finding documents is easy with Mongoose, which supports the [rich]( query syntax of MongoDB. Documents can be retreived using each `models` [find](./api.html#model_Model.find), [findById](./api.html#model_Model.findById), [findOne](./api.html#model_Model.findOne), or [where](./api.html#model_Model.where) static methods.
- Tank.find({ type: 'small' }).where('createdDate').gt(oneYearAgo).exec(callback);
+ Tank.find({ size: 'small' }).where('createdDate').gt(oneYearAgo).exec(callback);
See the chapter on [querying](./queries.html) for more details on how to use the [Query](./api.html#query-js) api.
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