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arrays of arrays of type #1361

aheckmann opened this Issue · 10 comments

8 participants

[[]] // array of array of mixed
[[Number]] // array of array of number
// etc

Useful for $geoIntersects


Yes I have been looking for this. Very upset to see it not supported.

@aheckmann aheckmann referenced this issue in mongodbinc-interns/mongoose

goals #1

9 of 11 tasks complete

Can we use [[something]] now?


Should be great +1


What is the current status of this please?


+1, is this still an issue?

@vkarpov15 vkarpov15 added this to the 4.0 milestone

Yep still an issue. No progress as of yet, but its planned for soon :)


Hope to see it soon. Is there any suggest workaround till then?


@vkarpov15 any update please? Your comment on it being planned for soon was made 3 months ago :)


@stevelorimer I know. Please be patient, mongoose is a part-time thing for me right now and I haven't quite had the cycles to look at it. But you're more than welcome to put in a PR, beauty of open source :)

@vkarpov15 vkarpov15 removed this from the 4.0 milestone
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