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find by nested document _id no longer works #389

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This used to work in previous versions (1.1.2), I am not quite sure where it stopped working

User.findOne({'arrayOfNestedDocs._id' : some_id}, function(err,user){.....

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Thank you, however do you know the syntax for entering an id into a query from a request? The test pulls an Id from an object however if I try and just hard code an _id in it fails.

example which will find nothing:
User.findOne({'arrayOfNestedDocs._id':'4e136e38c7d4b32e70000004'}, function(err,user){..........

I can find by top level _id's and all properties apart from id.

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Turns out that finding with ObjectIds works but strings doesn't. We should be casting those ids. For now you can

var ObjectId = require('mongoose').Types.ObjectId;
User.findOne({'arrayOfNestedDocs._id': new ObjectId('4e136e38c7d4b32e70000004')}, function(err,user){..........

thanks, I thought of that as well but express throws an error up when trying to do it:
"This is an abstract interface. Its only purpose is to mark fields as ObjectId in the schema creation."


are you sure you're using require('mongoose').Types.ObjectId ?


Ah ha! no I was using require('mongoose').Schema.ObjectId

Thank you very much for the quick responses!

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reopening until we take care of that casting issue.

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