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indexing #984

aheckmann opened this Issue · 3 comments

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pass index errors along to index event.
allow disabling auto-creation
allow manually triggering creation


Possibly related to this work - so not creating a new ticket:

If you specify both unique: true and index: true in a schema field definition the unique is silently ignored. This test code demonstrates it:

    # insert at line 913 of test/schema.test.js
    var T25 = new Schema({
        name: { type: String, unique: true, index: true }
    assert.deepEqual(T25.path('name')._index, { unique: true });

I'd expect that either a unique index be created, or a warning be produced. Especially annoying is that reversing the order in the definition make the index be created as expected (behaviour may well vary across machines...):

    # For me this test passes
    var T25 = new Schema({
        name: { type: String, index: true, unique: true,  }
    assert.deepEqual(T25.path('name')._index, { unique: true });

:( good catch. please open a separate issue for this.

btw, object key order in javascript is not guaranteed.


Have done - it is now issue #1004

@aheckmann aheckmann closed this in 0cfb1ab
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