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@vkarpov15 vkarpov15 released this
· 1240 commits to master since this release
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6.2.0 / 2022-02-02

  • feat(connection+mongoose): add support for continueOnError for syncIndexes #11266 AbdelrahmanHafez
  • feat(query): cast literals in $expr where possible #10663
  • feat(schema+mongoose): add pluginTags to allow applying global plugins to only schemas with matching tags #9780
  • feat(discriminator): support overwriteModels:true to reuse discriminator names #11244 #10931 IslandRhythms
  • feat(index.d.ts): add DocType generic param to Model functions that return queries to better support projections #11156
  • feat(error): export MongooseServerSelectionError #11202
  • feat(schematype): add validators, path, isRequired to public API and TypeScript types #11139
  • fix(model): make exists(...) return lean document with _id or null instead of boolean #11142 AbdelrahmanHafez
  • fix(model): support storing versionKey in nested paths #10980
  • fix(index.d.ts): add options to bulkSave() type def #11201 Uzlopak
  • fix(index.d.ts): better support for query projections #11210 EugeneKorshenko