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Latest commit 1f67c74 @vkarpov15 vkarpov15 docs; clarify #3597
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2.7.x updated do for 2.7.x i.e virtuals fields should be display on client …
2.8.x Fix typo in 2.8 docs #2120
3.0.x docs; fix typos in SchemaTypes documentation
3.1.x docs; fix typos in SchemaTypes documentation
3.2.x docs; fix typos in SchemaTypes documentation
3.3.x docs; fix typos in SchemaTypes documentation
3.4.x docs; fix typos in SchemaTypes documentation
3.5.x docs; fix typos in SchemaTypes documentation
css Fix #2401: API docs now have carats to show/hide
helpers docs; fix aggregate links
images Fix some grammatical issues in the documentation
includes docs; add promises guide (Fix #3441)
js docs; persist api checked condition
source docs; add promises guide (Fix #3441)
acquit.jade docs; added discriminator docs (Fix #2743)
api.html Update api.html
api.jade docs; LearnBoost -> Automattic
browser.jade Fix #2256
compatibility.jade docs; mongodb compatibility matrix (Fix #3427)
connections.jade docs; clarify mongos option for connections (Fix #3000)
contributing.html docs; update master
contributing.jade docs; LearnBoost -> Automattic
documents.html docs; update master
documents.jade docs; mention hooks/validation with findAndModify
faq.html docs; update master
faq.jade docs; clarify #3597
guide.html docs; update master
guide.jade Merge pull request #3467 from chazmo03/master
harmony.jade Basic setup for #2474
index.html Adding more details in Getting Started page
index.jade Add Semicolons to Line-Ends for Uniformity
layout.jade docs; LearnBoost -> Automattic
middleware.html docs; update master
middleware.jade docs; clarify second param to .pre() (Fix #3573)
migration.html docs; update master
migration.jade docs; make a note re: #2955 in migration guide
models.html docs; update master
models.jade docs; retreive -> retrieve typo (Fix #3330)
plugins.html docs; update master
plugins.jade docs; LearnBoost -> Automattic
populate.html docs; update master
populate.jade Minor grammar fix in populate documentation
prior.html docs; update master
prior.jade fix ga and use layouts
production.jade website; point to tumblr site for prod examples
queries.html docs; update master
queries.jade Update queries.jade
redirect.jade docs; LearnBoost -> Automattic
releases Adds 3.8.x to the prior releases
schematypes.html docs; update master
schematypes.jade docs; fix typos in SchemaTypes documentation
subdocs.html docs; update master
subdocs.jade docs; basic docs covering single embedded subdocs (Fix #3495)
validation.html docs; update master
validation.jade fix; context option to enable setting update validator context (Fix #…
website.js docs; fix version
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