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drivers fix; remove unnecessary connection muting (Fix #3183)
error added; .reason field to cast error (Fix #3320)
schema Merge branch '3.8.x'
services fix; better handling for positional operator in update validators
types lint for semicolons
ES6Promise.js lint new files
aggregate.js fix; handle geoNear aggregation with discriminators (Fix #3304)
browser.js Make docs compile again on master
browserDocument.js docs; retreive -> retrieve typo (Fix #3330)
cast.js fix; query casts undefined -> null (Fix #3260)
collection.js lint for semicolons
connection.js lint for semicolons
connectionstate.js Fix #2599: add "unauthorized" connection state and handle it graceful…
document.js added; .reason field to cast error (Fix #3320)
document_provider.js Revert "[WIP] ESLint"
error.js lint for semicolons
index.js fix; assume replSet when set name option specified (Fix #3299)
internal.js lint for semicolons
model.js fix; properly set _id in model.remove() (Fix #3326)
promise.js fix; mpromise ES6 shim doesn't catch resolver errors for backwards co…
promise_provider.js added; export promiseprovider and make mongoose.Promise settable
query.js fix; strict mode for nested object update (Fix #3305)
queryhelpers.js lint for semicolons
querystream.js fix; stale population models preventing dynref (Fix #3108)
schema.js docs; schema.set() examples (Fix #3288)
schematype.js lint for semicolons
statemachine.js lint for semicolons
utils.js lint for semicolons
virtualtype.js added; virtual {g,s}etter introspection
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