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drivers Reduce browserify build size
error Added minlength and maxlength String validators
schema Fix errors is not defined
services Fix #2733
types fix; docs generation for embedded docs
aggregate.js Fix #2306: Aggregate cursor usage
browser.js Make docs compile again on master
browserDocument.js Lazy fix for #2521: use forked hooks
cast.js Cleanup docs build
collection.js added; bufferCommands option
connection.js Merge branch '3.8.x'
connectionstate.js Fix #2599: add "unauthorized" connection state and handle it graceful…
document.js quick fix for docs build
document_provider.js return document_provider.js
error.js Use map instead of array for validators #2132
index.js Remove stability warning and unstable publishConfig #2794
internal.js Test for #1638
model.js docs; LearnBoost -> Automattic in API docs and index, remove unstable…
promise.js Merge branch '3.8.x'
query.js Fix #2793
queryhelpers.js moved query.js createModel private to queryhelpers.js for use in hydr…
querystream.js moved query.js createModel private to queryhelpers.js for use in hydr…
schema.js Fix browserify build: don't include model in schema
schematype.js Merge branch '3.8.x'
statemachine.js Remove __proto__ hack from statemachine
utils.js Fix #2683: make _ids unique in populate queries as long as they're pr…
virtualtype.js added; virtual {g,s}etter introspection
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