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Newspack Blocks

This plugin is meant to serve as a container for most Newspack Gutenberg blocks. There may be certain blocks that relate to specific functionality in other plugins, in which case they would live with the primary functionality, but besides this exception most will live in this one.


To get set up for block development, run composer install && npm install

Generating Builds

To generate a build of the current blocks, run npm run build.

To clean out the built blocks, run npm run clean.


To work on Block development and have Webpack watch your files for changes run: npm start.


is performed on changed files before commiting. In other words, is run during pre-commit git hook, but only on staged files. The hook is configured in composer.json.

tool PHPCS eslint stylelint
config .phpcs.xml.dist .eslintrc.js .stylelintrc
run manually composer lint npm run lint:js npm run lint:scss
autofix ✨ ./vendor/bin/phpcbf <file> npm run lint:js -- --fix npm run lint:scss -- --fix

Building New Blocks

To get started with a new block:

  • Duplicate one of the example block directories in src/
  • Rename the directory to the slug of your block.
  • At minimum edit index.js and change name and title definitions.
  • Add the block slug to the production array in src/setup/blocks.json
  • If the block requires server-side code add the slug to the $newspack_blocks_blocks array in newspack-blocks.php
  • Execute npm run build. If all went smoothly, you should see a Newspack category in the block picker, and your block should appear within it.


End-user documentation can be found here.