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3a9d122 @tj Initial commit
tj authored
1 build
2 .DS_Store
3 .lock-wscript
2092bd6 @tj Test images rendering to test/images
tj authored
4 test/images/*.png
e1da57c @tj Added clock example
tj authored
5 examples/*.png
f0e8f07 added examples/*.jpg to the .gitignore
Elijah Hamovitz authored
6 examples/*.jpg
23c7804 @tj Misc
tj authored
7 testing
a063907 @tj Added quick PDF support
tj authored
8 out.png
9 out.pdf
79f1d42 @espadrine Offer SVG output.
espadrine authored
10 out.svg
f3a60f6 @tj Ignoring .pomo
tj authored
11 .pomo
405d090 @tj gitignore
tj authored
12 node_modules
63626fa @tritonrc Add GIF support
tritonrc authored
14 # Vim cruft
15 *.swp
16 *.un~
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