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Can't get jpeg/gif support on Ubuntu 12.04 #244

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This just seemed to start happening recently. I have the system libraries installed:

node@ip-10-2-13-253:~$ dpkg --get-selections | grep libgif
libgif-dev                  install
libgif4                     install
node@ip-10-2-13-253:~$ dpkg --get-selections | grep libjpeg
libjpeg-turbo8                  install
libjpeg-turbo8-dev              install
libjpeg8                    install
libjpeg8-dev                    install

Yet running util/ returns:

node@ip-10-2-13-253:~/middleman/node_modules/canvas/util$ ./ jpeg
node@ip-10-2-13-253:~/middleman/node_modules/canvas/util$ ./ gif

I've installed the system deps using apt-get according to the instructions, everything looks okay to me. When I require('canvas'):

node@ip-10-2-13-253:~/middleman$ node
> require('canvas')
{ [Function: Canvas]
  version: '0.13.1',
  cairoVersion: '1.10.2',
  Context2d: { [Function: CanvasRenderingContext2d] parseFont: [Function] },
  PNGStream: [Function: PNGStream],
  JPEGStream: [Function: JPEGStream],
  PixelArray: undefined,
  Image: { [Function: Image] MODE_IMAGE: 1, MODE_MIME: 2 } }

This is a hail mary, hoping I'm not the only one to start seeing this and/or that someone has seen this before. All I get from my previously working code is the dreaded "Error: Image given has not completed loading" when trying to write image buffers to a canvas context.

Thanks in advance.


Closing this, #247 and #216 address this issue.

@fermion fermion closed this
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