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Fix filter parameter in toBuffer method #356

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I tried to write a png to disk using a custom compressionLevel and filter method. But it always failed with libpng error: Unknown row filter for method 0. I found this line in the code and it seems to me that the filter is using the wrong index for the parameter (args[1] is compressionLevel). So I fixed it.

@selaux selaux referenced this pull request in selaux/node-sprite-generator

Allow user to specify png filter option #10


Any thoughts?


Yes, you are definitely correct, the rows around check for the correct index, I must have been sloppy writing that, looks like bad copypasta.

@selaux selaux referenced this pull request in selaux/node-sprite-generator

Change compression to 0-100, update docs. #12

@kangax kangax merged commit 5cc0a5f into Automattic:master
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Commits on Nov 14, 2013
  1. @selaux
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@@ -277,7 +277,7 @@ NAN_METHOD(Canvas::ToBuffer) {
if (!args[2]->StrictEquals(Undefined())) {
if (args[2]->IsUint32()) {
- filter = args[1]->Uint32Value();
+ filter = args[2]->Uint32Value();
} else {
return NanThrowTypeError("Invalid filter value.");
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