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Simple WPOAuth application

Simple application to show how WPAuth works.

How to use

1 - Create a WordPress application

Go to wordpress apps and create your application to use to get the oauth access token.

2 - Create a settings file

In the example/ folder copy settings_example.json to settings.json and customize as needed. Your settings.json file should look something like this:

  "client_id": "<your client id here>",
  "client_secret": "<your client secret here>",
  "url":  {
    "redirect": "http://localhost:3001/connect/res"

Other settings that you can change, if needed:

  • port - if you need to change the default port to something else. Don't forget to update your url.redirect setting too.

3 - Update dependencies

From the example/ folder, download and install the npm dependencies:

$ npm install

4 - Run the application

$ node index.js