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Simplenote for Electron


A Simplenote React client packaged in Electron. Learn more about Simplenote at


  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. cd simplenote-electron
  3. npm install
  4. npm run dev
  5. The dev server will start on http://localhost:4000, and the Electron app will launch automatically.
  6. For all logging from Electron to be printed to the terminal (e.g. console.log statements within app.js), you might need to set env ELECTRON_ENABLE_LOGGING=1.
  7. Sign up for a new account within the app. Use the account for testing purposes only as all note data will be periodically cleared out on the server.

Note: Simplenote API features such as sharing and publishing will not work with development builds. Due to a limitation of make installation paths used for build cannot have spaces.


  • make package-osx
  • make package-win32
  • make package-linux


Unit tests are run with npm test.

End-to-end tests are run with npm run test-e2e. Note that the Spectron version corresponds with the version of Electron we are using. Use the corresponding API docs for webdriver-io which correspond to the Spectron version. At the time of writing you will want to refer to the webdriver-io v4.13 API docs.

Coding Guidelines

Please adhere to the same guidelines as found in wp-calypso.

See for more guidelines.


Simplenote for Other Platforms

simplenote-electron is the official Simplenote desktop app for Windows and Linux.

For other platforms, see: